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Presidents Message



Since its founding in 1945, Toyo Tire & Rubber Co., Ltd. (TOYO TIRES), involved mainly in the manufacture and sale of automobile tires, industrial rubber, soft and rigid polyurethane products, and automotive anti-vibration rubber, has constantly pioneered new markets through the development of innovative technologies and products. Our business operations extend beyond the Japanese market, with TOYO TIRES Group companies operating in over 100 countries and regions as suppliers of unique products and services that meet the ever-diversifying needs of customers.

In May 2008, we established our new corporate philosophy as a guiding principle for continuing sustainable growth in a rapidly changing business environment. We also formulated Vision ’15 that defines the corporate vision for the TOYO TIRES Group in 2015, our 70th anniversary year. Our goals for the first three years of the Vision ’15 period have been set out in the Medium-Term Business Plan ’08. The entire TOYO TIRES Group is now working to achieve these goals.
Under our brand statement “Driven to Perform,” we remain committed to meeting society’s expectations, both now and in the future, by providing products and services of superior performance and quality.


I am pleased to introduce the TOYO TIRES group's new corporate philosophy and mission statement: "A Commitment to creating New Value through Innovation in Advanced, Proprietary Technologies".

The challenging business environment in which we currently operate will not change anytime soon.

In order to survive and prosper in this business climate as a distinctive and value-creating industrial group, we launched this past May our "Vision '15" Long-Term Business Plan. TOYO TIRES group will celebrate its 70th anniversary in the year 2015, and the "Vision '15" plan sets forth the group's goals and objectives between now and then. The "Medium-Term Business Plan '08", our new three-year business plan, is our initial road map for getting there.

We have also redefined the TOYO TIRES brand with our new global corporate motto: "driven to perform". It reflects our on-going drive to create distinctive, new value.

In order to create new value, the TOYO TIRES group will need to expand its global presence. To do so will require our organization and all of our employees to continue to develop a truly global mindset and spirit.
With such vision in mind, we have selected for our "Medium-Term Business Plan '08" the slogan: "Creating New Value through 'Global Growth' ".

We must first break through the various economic headwinds to achieve those goals established in the "Medium-Term Business Plan '08". Once there, we must continue to press forward towards those targets set forth in "Vision '15" so that we may realize our goal of creating new value for our customers, shareholders, and employees.

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